Sunday, August 20, 2006

This is a list of institution-related links I want to print out later. I'm posting them here in case anyone wants to look at them.
About two different disabled children who died due to restraints in the same insztitution. One was Orlena Parker, a depressed 15 year old, and Casey Collier, a 17 year old autistic. Both of them were overweight and held facedown, which is especially risky for people in that weight range.
Another story about Casey Collier's death. Apparently he vomited while restrained, which might have contributed to his death (by reducing air flow). He was also asthmatic. As an asthmatic myself, I know that even just the terror of restraint can cause an asthma attack. Combined with being facedown with someone on top of you, breathing would be very poor.
More about Orlena Parker and Casey Collier.
A discussion in which people are outraged about restraint deaths, including Casey Collier's death.
Amanda Bagg's institution entries.
Stuff about Matthew's Law, a proposed law limiting aversives which is named after an autistic 14 year old, Matthew Goodman, who was killed by restraints.
Judge Rotenberg Center's website. This is a center for people with "behavioral problems" which uses aversives, most well-known of which is electric shock treatments. Some people have died due to these aversives. Others have been traumatized.
Information about Linda Cornelison's death. She was a 19 year old, developmentally delayed, nonverbal woman. After being starved for a long time, she started acting ill. She was repeatedly punished for these behaviors, meanwhile nothing was done about her illness. She died of a perforated stomach, thought to be related to starvation. She had extensive ulcxers, which probably caused the perforation.
A list of links about Judge Rotenberg Center.
About Antwone Nicholson, who was traumatised by JRC. Antwone, 17 years old, once said to his mother that she must not love him because she let them hurt him. His mother is now suing the state for sending him there.
Someone's blog entry about Antwone Nicholson and JRC.
Another article about JRC, with stuff about Antwone as well as others.
The Asperger's Express opinion statement about restraints and aversives.
CIBRA stands for Children Injured By Restraints and/or Aversives. It is an organization representing parents who are outraged at how their children were treated.
A number of articles about institutional abuse along with comments.
A description of an autistic boy, Nicholas Aquilino, age 13, who was severely traumatised by an institution. He will not leave his house and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.'s list of links about restraints. At the top are links to other relevant link lists.
A story about Bailey Philipps, a 12 year old developmentally delayed, autistic girl who was physically abused in her school.
Joel has a list of "I am not" statements such as "I am not an object." A number of them refer to attitudes which are prevalent in institutions.
An account of the Standford Prison Experiment. In many cases institutions for disabled people are worse that prisons, because disabled people are more devalued.
Women survivors of psychiatric abuse talk. Most of them were diagnosed as crazy.
This is a page for reporting psychiatric abuse. It lists as one of the things "falsely diagnosed". So if you really do have the condition they diagnosed you with, is it not abuse?
Mind Freedom is an advocacy group for psychiatric survivors.
Abuses in a Montreal institution.
Astraea's page about psychiatric abuse.

If you can suggest more links, please do so.

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Blogger Derrick Jeffries said...

You may wish to add this link:
This is a pdf document that is a call to action by TASH. It includes a lot of details about the Behavioral Research Center, including when it existed in California. It is a very long document, but you will find information within it that may be difficult to locate anywhere else.

Let's hope that we can get this place shut down soon!

10:53 PM  

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