Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Autistic Sense of Humor

I am diagnosed autistic. My Dad isn't diagnosed, but he's probably on the spectrum as well.

I was reading a book and found an interesting fact - smell is the most poorly understood sense. I asked my Dad: "Guess what the most poorly understood sense is?"
He replied: "ESP."
"ESP isn't real!"
"See what I mean? But one of these days I'll show them all, and they won't call me a crazy aardvark anymore!"
"Well, if you wouldn't eat ants, we wouldn't call you a crazy aardvark!" (At which point my Dad burst out laughing.)
During all this my Mom, who is a gifted allistic (non-autistic) person, was just trying to mentally keep up with this descent into weirdness.

And they say autistics don't have a sense of humor! I will analyze jokes rather than laugh at them, but it's more a different kind of humor than a lack of humor.

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