Monday, April 21, 2008

Tagging-Type Things

I've been tagged with both a meme and a blog award. Here's the award thingy:

The meme is several categories of 'five things' about myself.
5 things found in your bag:
I don't have one. Some things I've been carrying around lately, however, are:
* A big fat German-English/English-German dictionary
* A printout of Hans Asperger's original article
* A little notebook with an attached pen, mostly containing translations of parts of Asperger's article (using Babelfish and the above-mentioned dictionary)
* A tenth of a yarn blanket, attached to a ball of yarn and a crochet hook
* The Saskatchewan Driver's Handbook - I want my license so I can get this one job in which you look after a developmentally disabled adult during the day, so that after graduation they still have something to keep them busy
None of these are currently with me, however.
5 Favorite things in your room:
I don't exactly have a room anymore, either. I've been sleeping on the couch for several years now. By my couch, my favorite things are:
* Whichever book I'm currently using for bedtime reading - right now, it's Lord of the Silent Kingdom.
* My binders, containing photocopies and printouts of disability and disability rights stuff. There is also a large tupperware container filled with printouts etc, and many strewn on the floor getting clawed by my elderly cat when he really wants to be fed.
* My super-soft blanket. It's not actually warm enough most of the time, so I have it underneath my other blanket. The weight of that blanket also feels nice, it's two layers with stuffing in the middle (can't remember what that's called).
* One of our two cat food bowls is there - I like it mainly because it attracts cats, and then I can pet them as they eat or they decide to cuddle me, since they're there anyway.
* The above-mentioned things I carry around get placed there when I sleep.
* Can't think of anything else. There's a second couch, a stereo, a lamp, etc, but none of them are special to me. Maybe the room itself? I feel safe there, like I can monitor everything in the house while still being a bit out of the way.
5 things you have always wanted to do:
* Turn into a cat. I don't think I'd want to be a cat full-time, but I really want to experience it sometime.
* Just exist, without feeling the need to do anything.
* Be younger - I think ever since I was about 7 or so, I've been wanting to be younger. In a decade or so, it'll be normal (not really, because I want to be a little kid).
* Be a publisher author - technically, I've achieved this already, because I entered a story into a contest and got accepted (will post links once I have them). But I want a full-length book published, and preferably more than one.
* Have a child, especially an autistic child.
5 things you are currently into:
* Playing games on Newgrounds or Kongregate, usually puzzle games, though some of the strategy/defense ones I like as well.
* Researching the history of autism and childhood schizophrenia - as you may have guessed from some of my recent posts.
* Crocheting (see my list of things I carry around).
* Playing Rogue, an old DOS adventure game.
* Petting cats - I've always been into petting cats.
Both of these things require tagging someone, but I don't have the spoons (or thermals) for tagging people. So, for the meme, tag yourself by commenting stating that you want to do it. For the award, I'm not sure. Maybe I'll hand out the award to the best contributions to the Disability Blog Carnival I'm hosting here.

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