Friday, October 21, 2016

Explaining ART with Up-Goer 5 Text Editor

In a previous post, I explained the Up-Goer 5 Text Editor made by XKCD, and used it to explain learning differences using only the ten hundred most commonly used words. Now, I decided to explain assisted reproduction techniques:

Lots of grown-ups want to have children. To have a child, you need to put together something made by a man body part with something made by a woman body part, and then have the baby grow in a woman body part that was made to grow babies in.
Most men fall in love with women, and most women fall in love with men. When a man and a woman are in love and want to work together to make a baby, it's usually pretty easy. The man and woman work together to put the man's baby-making stuff in the woman's body, where it meets the woman's baby-making stuff in the place where babies grow. The baby grows in there for a long time, and then the woman's body pushes the baby out so the baby can grow and learn outside of her body.
Sometimes a man and woman don't have an easy time having a baby, though. Sometimes the man doesn't make enough of the man's baby-making stuff, or the woman doesn't make enough of the woman's baby-making stuff. Sometimes the two kinds of stuff have trouble getting together in the woman's body. And sometimes the woman's baby-growing place is missing or not working very well.
Sometimes a man has the woman parts or a woman has the man parts. They can sometimes still have a baby, but sometimes having the wrong parts makes them so sad they need to get a doctor to help them change their parts. If they change their parts, they might not be able to have a baby anymore.
And some people have trouble because they don't have both a man and a woman. Some women fall in love with other women, and some men with other men. And some men and women don't find anyone to fall in love with, but they still want a baby.
No matter why they have trouble having a baby, there are lots of ways to help. Some men and women just need help getting their baby-making stuff together, so a doctor gets baby-making stuff from each of them and puts it together outside of their bodies. Then he puts it in the woman's baby-growing place.
Some people need help getting some man baby-making stuff. Either their man doesn't make any, or they don't have a man. So they get a different man to give them his baby-making stuff. They can either put that in the woman so it can meet her baby-making stuff, or take her baby-making stuff out and have the two kinds of stuff meet outside.
Some people need help getting some woman baby-making stuff. Either they don't have a woman, or the woman doesn't make that stuff. Sometimes a woman might be too old to make baby-making stuff anymore, or her body might not be able to make it. If a woman has the baby-growing place but can't make the baby-making stuff, the doctor puts together a different woman's baby-making stuff with a man's baby-making stuff and puts it in her baby-growing place.
But some people don't have the baby-growing place. Either they don't have a woman, or the woman's baby-growing place doesn't work. In that case, they need another woman to grow the baby for them. Sometimes the same woman gives them the baby-making stuff and has the baby grow in her baby-growing place, but more often they use the baby-making stuff from the woman who wants a child or from a different woman.
Who gives the baby-making stuff and who grows the baby in the baby-growing place is important for the baby to know about. But the most important people for the baby are the ones who look after the baby. Those people are the baby's real parents.


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