Thursday, July 06, 2017

I Finally Have Queer Friends

This June, I went to Pride, hoping to make some queer friends because I felt lonely. And I succeeded.

One of my new friends, C, is genderqueer and I think pansexual? They use all pronouns. They're super sweet and loving, Latino, and very fashionable, and I love the way their voice sounds. They're also the first AMAB nonbinary person I've met. We met because I complimented the Pride pin they were painting, and then they gave me advice on how to make my "Asexual Pirates Aren't After Your Booty" poster. At Drag 101, they gave me awesome advice and help getting dressed up, and I decided to exchange phone numbers with them.

The other new friend, D, is agender, panromantic and grey-asexual. (They have a more specific sexuality term which I've unfortunately forgotten, meaning cloudy, nebulous, hard-to-define sexual attraction.) They use they/them pronouns, and sometimes he/him. They're really smart and we have a lot to talk about, and they kinda impress me with how much they seem to have their life in order, including having a partner. (A, who is cisgender female and also ace.) I met D because I was talking about being ace and someone directed them to me, and we started chatting. Later, they directed two different events, Trans 101 and Drag 101 (they're apparently quite active as a Drag King) and I got a ride to my house from them a couple times. The second time, we exchanged numbers and they gave me an ace flag keyring.

Since then, I've met up with C and D together and separately several times, confessed things to them that I normally don't tell people in person, and generally been having tons of fun. I really hope we continue to be friends.


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...

They say you never forget your first Pride.

And how wonderful - that you are all friends!

4:45 AM  

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