Friday, March 09, 2018

An Autistic Takes On Thirty Days of Cleaning - Part 2

When I did the 30 Days of Cleaning, my plan was to write notes about each task as I did it, and post them once a week.

That didn't last long.

I did finish the challenge, but I didn't write up most of the tasks. I only wrote until day 7.

So, along with that explanation, here's the rest of the notes:

Day 4: Scrub down fridge.
Day 5: Organize and toss expired foods.

Firstly, these two are in the wrong order for me. I was very confused thinking about how to scrub down the fridge before organizing and throwing out food, since the rotten food was in the way of where I'd be scrubbing. So when I finally made myself open up the fridge, I started tossing out rotten food instead of scrubbing.

Unfortunately, I didn't finish. I started with the bottom shelf, the worst one, and got halfway through before I had to stop. The smell was horrible, and the last straw was getting something sticky on my fingers.

Challenges: This is probably the hardest one for me so far, simply because it's so disgusting. I honestly don't know if I'll be able to finish this one today. If not, I'll try some more tomorrow, and then move on to the next task. I like working close to the ground, it's easy on my joints, but the constant up and down while tossing things out was a bit uncomfortable.

Day 5:

I got back to this job while making myself breakfast. I was surprised how much easier it was - I guess I got the worst done yesterday. I finished up tossing the rotten food from the bottom shelf, and scrubbed it with a soapy washcloth until it looked nice. There's also a drawer thingy with rotten vegetables underneath, but I'm not touching that.

Challenges: A bit of grossness, but far less than yesterday. I didn't like the up and down, but once I got to scrubbing, that was pretty good. A bit of a workout for the arms, but not painfully so.

Day 7: Wipe down walls, and wash garbage can.

For this, I washed the front door. I used a washcloth and dishwashing detergent. I did it late at night and I'm really tired, because Dad left to drop Mom off at her place and we had to make our own way home. And I'm still sleep deprived from the trip back yesterday. (I slept most of yesterday, though I still got that day's challenge done.)

Challenges: The angle was a bit uncomfortable, and I had to scrub really hard to get any noticeable result. The worst part, though, was how the water started running down my arm as I was scrubbing. Really unpleasant sensation.


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