Thursday, April 06, 2006

My New Group

I just started a yahoo group, the first relating to my personal experience. It's about school-related trauma.
In my first school, the teachers did things like the following:

a) forced me to follow the "correct" steps when my mind doesn't work that way. Especially in math. I rebelled, and still am unwilling to show my work in math because I feel it would be giving in to their stupid rules. Once they told me I'd done 248/2 incorrectly because I didn't do long division, just divided each digit by two.
b) which brings me to another problem. In response to my parents insistance that I was gifted, they kept trying to prove I was stupid. Children should be encouraged to take pride in their accomplishments. Not just gifted kids, I think a developmentally delayed kid should feel proud for being toilet trained at 5 years. I remember hearing about a DD kid proudly telling everyopne "no more diapers" and I mentally winced, afraid someone would burst their bubble of pride.
c) pathologized all sorts of harmless behaviors, giving them meanings far worse than the truth, and not listening to my attempts to explain. This especially ocurred with regards to sexualized behavior. Because I was sexually abused, they interpreted things like twirling around and accidentally touching another kid's butt as sexual. When similar accidental touching occurs nowadays, whichever part touched them feels tainted. This occured with other things too. I remember their reaction to me saying "I'm the God of my twist tye people." (I made pretend people out of twist tyes and played with them constantly, a habit the school kept trying to extinguish.) I was their creator, I controlled what they did.
There's other stuff, but I can't remember it right now. The purpose of starting this group is to see how my experience resembles and differs from others. If anyone would like to share their experience with school-related trauma, please do.


Blogger Adelaide Dupont said...

Thank you Ettina for starting a group about school trauma.

It will help me put my experiences into context and perspective!

9:14 PM  
Blogger marko said...

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