Saturday, September 23, 2006

"Confined to a Wheelchair"

Many physically disabled people have complained about the phrase 'confined to a wheelchair', saying that their wheelchair is not confining, it is freeing. I accept that it's true for them. But it's not true for everyone in a wheelchair.
I've been volunteering with disabled kids. One kid I met while volunteering was this girl who's very delayed, possibly physically disabled as well. She has a wheelchair. I think it's accurate to think of her as confined to a wheelchair, the same way an 8 month old is confined to a stroller. That's because, like most 8 month olds, she can crawl really fast. However, she can't push her wheelchair independently.
Therefore, she has more freedom of mobility outside of her wheelchair. Her wheelchair is confining.

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Blogger Unknown said...

absolutely true. I am a person with cerebral palsy, i too cannot propel the wheelchair. However, i use crtuches and am far more indepedent. when i sit on a wheelchair i am confined to it and the confinement is akin to a prison confinement for me......

8:07 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

I myself had a best friend whose sister was blind. It was a blessing every time you would be around her. She would always smile and make sure the world is treating her well..
She is the definition of 100% pure and all I want to do is wish her the best! But I do know one thing though, she is most definitely not imprisoned to confinement.

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