Thursday, October 11, 2007

Online blog survey

I found an online blog survey, which I've decided to fill out.

1) Do you think the blogosphere can contribute towards highlighting the issues and concerns of the persons with disability and the terminally ill? If yes, how? Definately, by providing a medium for marginalized people, including disabled people, to express their views in a public way.
2) Can blogs be part of efforts to promote an Inclusive Society? I hope so. Hopefully, by reading my blog, people will be made to think about the unquestioned 'truths' about disability and related issues.
3) What inspired you to start your blog? Amanda Baggs' blog, I think. I can't really remember why I started it actually.
4) What are the challenges you are facing in promoting your blog? I don't think many people read my blog, or if they do, few comment. I'm not sure why - do I not blog often enough?
5) Do you consider the blog as one of your achievements? If yes, how? Not sure what that question means. My blog is being referenced as evidence of my abilities as a homeschooled student for the university.
6) Can blogs help raise resources? How can blogs be sustained over a period of time? Most blogs are free to maintain. Kassiane recently got money to pay for meds and such by people asking for it on blogs.
7) Is blog an effective medium through which you can connect to the persons with disability across the world? If yes, how? Somewhat. I connect more by yahoo groups, especially AutAdvo.



Blogger cripchick said...

nice to see that there is a survey about blogs and disability!

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