Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Not Anti-Treatment

A lot of people seem to think that people opposed to curing autism are against any kind of medical treatment, including seizure medications and vaccinations. For anyone who believes that, look at this blog post:

Kassiane, a severely epileptic autistic woman, lost medical coverage (she lives in US, which has a really screwy health care system) and was running low on the seizure medications that help keep her alive (most seizures aren't life-threatening, but she has had tonic clonic status epilepticus, which is). I couldn't help her out myself, but many autistic activists sent her money to help her purchase her medications.
If we were really against treatment for medical problems, Kassiane would not have received that kind of help from us. We just draw a distinction between life-threatening illnesses and developmental disabilities, and think the two categories should be treated in different ways.

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