Saturday, June 30, 2012

First Video of Grandroids

I got permission to post this on my blog:

This is a video of Gollum, the prototype Grandroid, showing off his ability to visually track moving objects. So far that's about all he can do, but eventually every single aspect of his cognition and behavior will be as thoroughly and carefully constructed as his visual tracking is now.

Unlike norns, Grandroids do not see in terms of 'classifiers'. Norns don't see the difference between a block of cheese and a honey pot - both are classified as food, and that's all the norns see them as. From what I understand, their vision is hard-coded, with the game directly stimulating the norns' brain with the right classifier when they look at an object.

Gollum is different. He will actually see 'red round things' or 'square orange things' and have to learn how to recognize them. He sees by projecting rays from his eye (only one of his eyes actually sees so far) and having them detect objects in their path. He also has a reflexive instinct to follow moving objects, which is what this video is showing off.

There's something very special about watching a computerized creature doing the exact same thing that a newborn does, for much the same reason. To know that he can actually see those balls (even if he doesn't yet have the cognitive capacity to recognize what they are or really think anything about them) is simply amazing.

Everyone else agree?

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Blogger Chris Double said...

This is great, thanks for posting it! I loved the Creatures games and it looks like this is going to be amazing.

4:16 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

It is amazing! I am a supporter of Grandroids but haven't seen the video anywhere. How did you find it? Are there any more videos about the progress of Grandroids?

Thanks for posting

8:12 AM  
Blogger andsch! said...

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5:09 AM  
Blogger andsch! said...

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5:10 AM  

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