Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Apparently They Can't Handle Simple Disagreement

I got this reply regarding the issue of me linking to my blog on a Creatures forum:

"Hi Ettina,

I just wanted to let you know that the messages that you've been receiving from [name] were on behalf of the entire moderation team here at [forum]. I also don't appreciate your latest blog post which essentially speaks negatively of [name] and only shows select parts of the actual situation.

Please either keep your Creatures-related news in Ettina's Creatures separated from all of your other content, post it directly to [forum] or don't share the news at all. If you have any further issues please contact me directly via private message or e-mail. [email]

Thank you for your co-operation.

The [forum] Staff"

This was accompanied by a notice that I've been 'gagged' for seven days.

I can assure you all that I did not intentionally misrepresent the situation here. If my post only shows 'select parts of the situation', then the other parts are things I am not aware of. I attempted to phrase my post respectfully, and avoid naming any names.

I did not intend to speak negatively of the moderator who contacted me, only of the situation itself. I never assumed that she was speaking only of her own opinion - I did not know either way, and therefore didn't touch on that. I merely discussed the issue that had been raised and provided a reasoned and logical argument for my point of view. This blog's primary purpose is to discuss issues of importance to me, and this issue is very important to me.

Ironically, when I logged in just before reading this, I had made a decision to drop the issue and just continue enjoying this forum as best I could despite this particular rule. But now, their heavy-handed discipline has destroyed that option. Even after I'm no longer 'gagged', there is no way I will ever feel welcome on this forum again.

I don't know of any other reasonably active Creatures forums, but I'd better start looking.


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