Friday, December 30, 2016

Interview With Anthracite_Impreza: Objectum-Asexual/Mecha-Bromantic

My first actual interview. Here, I'm interviewing Anthracite_Impreza about their identity as objectum-asexual.

What do you identify as?

I am aromantic, objectum-asexual and platonically, sensually and aesthetically attracted to certain machines (I use the term mecha-bromantic).

What does objectum-asexual mean to you?

It means to be orientated in some way towards objects, but feeling no sexual desires toward them.

Does objectum-asexual have any synonyms or overlapping terms? What umbrella terms include objectum-asexual?

Not many I know of, though I've heard of objectophilia. I reject that as 'philia' typically means a fetish or "abnormal" desire, which has negative connotations, and is incorrect.

Why do you identify as objectum-asexual rather than as a synonym or umbrella term?

See above.

Are you out as objectum-asexual? How did you come out, and what response have you gotten?

I am on AVEN and to a couple of very close friends. On AVEN I made a big "coming out" thread because I was sick of hiding this part of myself, and to my friends I just told them one at a time, gradually over months. I've received generally supportive responses on AVEN and as I knew, my friends will always support me as I do them. I have also come out to a couple of therapists.

I have never dared come out to any of my family, I don't want to deal with the fallout. I know they'll think I'm mental and try to deny it, and I really can't be arsed with that.

Do you think of objects as having distinct personalities? What features of the object's appearance, use or history suggest personality traits to you?

I do, yes. It's hard to explain, but it's just a gut feeling or a sense, like how you can tell there's tension in a room. The physical appearance/use/history don't have anything to do with personality, it's internal and different for all.

What would your ideal relationship look like?

I'm not after a romantic relationship, nor am I searching for anything else; if things happen they happen. I have mechanical family already and they suit me fine. I love snuggles, kisses and spending time together; quite often I fall asleep or rest my head on them. We go out on drives together and I take ridiculous amounts of photos of them.

Have you ever had sexual, romantic or queerplatonic relationships, and how did being objectum-asexual affect them?

None, with neither objects nor humans.

Do you experience romantic attraction? What does romantic attraction mean to you?

Nope. I think of romance as in the scientific theory, namely addictive behaviour towards a certain object of desire and seeking out an exclusive relationship with them.

Do you experience sexual attraction? What does sexual attraction mean to you?

Also nope. Sexual attraction is being aroused sexually toward an object of desire.

What is your response to people who wonder how you can be attracted to an object?

I wonder how people can be attracted to people tbh, so I'd have to just say it's something deeply ingrained you can't fundamentally understand unless you experience it. Of course it doesn't make sense from an evolutionary perspective, but nature likes to try out new things and it's just one of those.

Are you on the autism spectrum, or suspect you might be? Do you think there might be a link between being objectum-asexual and being on the autism spectrum? A lot of symptom lists for autism include "unusual attachment to objects" as a symptom of autism.

I do have ASD, and there are a lot of OS people with it (though not all), so there could be a link. Being attached to an object isn't the same as OS though, though we may be more likely to explore such feelings. Autistic folks are also more sensitive, which I think is the main reason that we can sense things that neurotypical people usually can't.
Would you be open to question from the readers about being objectum-asexual? How should they contact you?

I would, but I only have my email and I don't want to post that directly on the internet. If they're interested they could contact you and I'll give you my email then.

So if you have any questions for Anthracite_Impreza, send them to me and I'll relay them.

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